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Pre-formatted BLAST Databases

Pre-formatted BLAST databases for NCBI UniVec are provided below. From their website:

UniVec is a database that can be used to quickly identify segments within nucleic acid sequences which 
may be of vector origin (vector contamination). Screening using UniVec is efficient because a large number
 of redundant subsequences have been eliminated to create a database that contains only one copy of 
every unique sequence segment from a large number of vectors.

In addition to vector sequences, UniVec also contains sequences for those adapters, linkers, and primers 
commonly used in the process of cloning cDNA or genomic DNA. This enables contamination with these 
oligonucleotide sequences to be found during the vector screen.


The UniVec database was downloaded from on 2011-10-28 and formatted to BLAST databases using makeblastdb.exe. See the official README for more info on UniVec and UniVec_Core.

They should be saved in the default BLAST database folder specified by the environment variable BLASTDB (e.g. C:\Program Files\NCBI\blast-2.2.25+\db).

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