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SeQCos can't identify the alphabet


Dear all

I was trying to run SeQCos usign the attached Ilumina dataset, but doesn´t work, the application show me the next error:

Bio.QualitativeSequenceParseOne(System.IO.StreamReader): Could not identify alphabet type.

it seems, is happen due to i have the last .NET Bio versión, and i'm not using MBF.

the file to analize is located in:



kch wrote Dec 15, 2014 at 4:51 PM

Hi Leo,

Please accept my apologies for ignoring this post. I have been busy with grad school and truthfully did not come across this post until recently.

Have you been able to resolve your issue? Version 1.0 of .NET Bio ( is included with SeQCoS, which should work. I have not tested SeQCoS with the latest .NET Bio, so there may be some compatibility issues. I have not been working on this project for a while and would be open to having contributions from others to improve SeQCoS.